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3 Common Fundraising Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Fundraising for missions is HARD. After all, we became missionaries to be on the field, not to ask people for money right? Not only can it feel awkward to ask, but it’s hard to find the balance between trusting God to provide and trying to make everything happen on our own. Obviously, step one is ALWAYS to hand over everything to God and trust that he will make a way. BUT, that doesn’t mean we just sit around waiting for the money to roll in. There are 3 mistakes I believe are made fairly often in the fundraising process. The good news is they are easy to avoid!

Starting Before You Have Prayer Cards

I understand the excitement to get out there and start fundraising as soon as you’re approved. However, when we meet with people and go to churches without something to put in their hand, we’re hurting ourselves in the end. People may really feel drawn to what you’re doing. They may genuinely want to give, but if they can’t remember you, their hands are tied.

Having Outdated or Lack of Information

Before people decide to invest in your ministry, they want to know what it is you do! Even after sharing at a service, it’s great to have a place to send people to learn more about you & your ministry. It can be confusing and a let down if you go looking for information and see something that’s out of date or can’t find anything at all. Whether you have your own landing page or something hosted by your sending organization, make sure to keep it up to date!

Not Keeping up with Supporters on the Field

Fundraising doesn’t end when we go on the field. Especially if you have a longer term, it’s important to keep up with supporters and keep them connected to what you’re doing. Some great tools for this are Facebook groups for supporters, a Facebook & Instagram account for your ministry or outreach, and a newsletter that is hosted on your landing page or emailed out to supporters. You can treat each of these differently depending on your audience. For example, you may not want to share stories of individuals on a public social account, but it would be great in a newsletter or private Facebook group. It’s so important to let your supporters know how their donations are impacting lives around the world!

The Bottom Line

We can do everything right, but at the end of the day, if we’re not trusting and following God’s lead, it’s in vain. But when we’re following Him and doing our part to show up and work with excellence, I truly believe He WILL come through every time. Comment below with other fundraising tips or share your thoughts & experience!

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