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5 Tips For Creating Great Slides

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Making slides for your Sunday service may seem relatively simple, but there are a few factors that can give you professional-looking and easy-to-read slides.

1. Keep Your Font Simple & Consistent

When choosing the font for both worship slides & sermon slides, it's best to choose something simple & clean. Once you've chosen a font, keep that font the same for all slides your church makes. The less decisions you have to make each week, the easier it is to keep a consistent look and make a job accessible to any volunteer or staff member. A few fonts that would be great options are Avenir & Montserrat.

2. Make Sure all Text is Centered & Aligned Properly

When making worship slides, all text should be completely centered on your slides. The exception would be if you are displaying a video feed on your screens. Then, your text should be centered on the bottom of your screen. When making sermon slides, you need to determine what format you will follow (e.g. centering sermon points & aligning verses left). Once you've decided what format you will follow, make sure that all of your slides are formatted consistently.

3. Choose a Font Color That Contrasts Your Slide Background

It seems self-explanatory, but make sure that your font color is contrasting the colors on your slide background. If it's a light background, use black. If it's dark, use white. It's best to stick with the basics and just use good old fashioned black and white. If you're using an image as your background, try using solid shapes behind your text that play off the colors of the image and help your text to stand out! While it may be fun to use lots of different colors, there's less room for error or uncertainty when you keep it simple. You should also keep it consistent within one worship set or one sermon series. So don't use a light background on your first song, then a dark one on your second song.

4. Proof Read!!!

There's nothing worse than when you're sitting in service and you notice that you made a typo on a slide. Not only is it distracting for you, but it's definitely distracting for everyone else. Make sure you proof read all of your slides, as well as having a second person look them over just to make sure everything looks good! It's worth the extra time. Trust me.

5. Be Consistent

No matter how you choose to format your slides, just make sure that you are consistent in all that you do. Check each week that the fonts, colors and font sizes all match up. Check your alignment on all of your slides. Make sure that if you use quotation marks on one verse slide that you put quotation marks on all of your verse slides for that week. Obviously you can change from week to week, but the great thing about having a consistent look is that it makes creating slides easy for multiple people to do and leaves little room for error. It's also great having a look that people are familiar with and expect each week. Eliminating style decisions from the equation on a weekly basis makes it so much faster and simpler!

When you add it all up, adding these steps to your process each week will only add about 5-10 minutes to your process, but will make a huge difference in making your slides look professional.

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